The history of Dansprint goes more than 25 years back. Together with a group of Danish paddlers the founder of Dansprint, Ole Torp, started developing a new indoor Kayakergometer in the mid 90es. It all started as a part time project driven by the ambition of creating a paddling experience close to the one on water.

Working on the project for several years, Ole could finally deliver the first Dansprint Kayak Ergometer in 1998. The result: A state of the art World Class Kayak Ergometer presenting both a smooth mechanical system and an information system presenting new standards monitoring your training performance. The dream of providing a real paddling experience on land came true.

Since then, the business of Dansprint has expanded. Today, the Dansprint ergometer is sold in 29 different countries around the world. On top of that, Dansprint is also supplying Danish paddlers with high quality brands as Nelo, Jantex and Craft.

We are the proud supplier to all paddlers around the world. To the top athletes, to the young people who just started paddling and to everyone else who is enjoying the real paddling experience!

Ole Torp – The man behind Dansprint

Ole is a passionate paddler and has been paddling since 1975. Throughout his career Ole has been Danish Champion several times and winner of World Cup and World Championship. Ole is also a coach in the Copenhagen based Kayak Club, Hvidovre Kajakklub, where he is helping talents becoming the future national team paddlers. Ole has been honored by the Danish Canoe Federation for his contributions to the sport throughout the years. You can often meet Ole and Dansprint at international events, and Ole is always the man for a chat about the world of canoeing.