Dansprint analyser USB

Download software:  http://moebius.biz/download/Dansprint_Analyser_USB.zip

User manual: Ver. 1.00

USB Connection

Connect the USB cable from the Dansprint computer to the PC. The data communication is made
with standard windows drivers and the operating system will automatically install the needed drivers.

In the menu under USB Connection choose update and the connected dansprint computers are shown with a unique Box ID. Choose the Box ID you wish to connect to.

Graph values

This graph window can show the following values:
• Speed [M/S] or [KM/H]• Power [Watts]• Stroke rate [Strokes/min.]• Heart rate [Strokes/min.]• Stroke distance [Meters]• Water distance [Meters]• Air time [Seconds]• Water section [Percent]

The water section shows you how long time you are in the water phase compared to the total stroke time.
These values can be presented versus effective paddle Time [Seconds] or Distance [Meters].


Graph options


Changing axis

The graph uses the left and the right vertical axes to get a better view of the different graphs
values. You can change whether the strokes values, uses the left or right axis. This is done, by right clicking the stroke value name.


To zoom in on a Chart, press the left mouse button at the top left hand corner of the area you wish to zoom in on and, maintaining the mouse button pressed, drag out the rectangle to the bottom right-hand corner of the zoom area. Releasing the mouse button will force the Chart to redraw the area selected.

To undo the zoom, press the left mouse button anywhere on the Chart area and drag up and left with the mouse button depressed. Releasing the button will force the Chart to redraw to the originally defined Chart area.


To scroll a Chart across, press the right mouse button and, maintaining the mouse button pressed, drag the mouse in the direction you wish to scroll the Chart. When you release the mouse button the Chart will remain at the new location.
To undo the scroll, press the left mouse button anywhere on the Chart area and drag up and left with the mouse button depressed. Release the button and the Chart will redraw to the originally defined Chart area.

Changing graph title

When printing or copying the graph to another application, it would be a good idea to give the graph a describing name. Press the left mouse button on the graph title and write the new title.

Copy graph

The graph can be copied into another application. Choose “Copy in the Edit menu”, go to another application and paste the image.


The following settings can be changed in the drop down menu under “Settings”.


Online graph

When viewing the graphs while paddling, you can set how much of the distance or time you wish to see. If you are not close to the monitor, you can make the axis text size bigger.


Line Width of the graph can be set to thin, normal and thick, respectively 1,2 and 3 pixels wide.
The speed unit can be displayed in meters per second or Kilometres per hour. This setting will also change the speed unit in the exported data file.
The filter can average the data from the last 2, 4, 6, 8 or 10 strokes. All the data are filtered, except the exported data file.


Exporting data to different applications in different countries can be difficult since there are no standard, regarding separator symbol and decimal symbol. Therefore you must choose the settings your application requires.
All symbol settings can be saved as text files. If the separator symbol is set to “comma” and the decimal symbol is set to “dot“, the file can be saved as a comma separated file (*.csv). Excel supports this file format.

Personal data

The follow personal data is saved in the dansprint record file (.drc):

• Name
• Fan resistance setting
• Weight
• Creation date

The weight is set in the dansprint computer.

If you wish to save the name and the fan setting for the paddle session, you can enter the data under the “Online graph”. The name and fan setting can also be changed for the open file graph.
Enter these data under the “File graph”.
The entered data for the online graph is written to the file, when pressing the “RST” button on the dansprint computer.

The personal data will be included when printing or copying the graph.

File system


You can only open files with the extension “.drc”. With the application, follows a few samples files located in the same folder as the dansprint analyser execution file.

Save next …

The application adds a session number to the filename you have specified. The extension of the file is “.drc”.

If you have specified a filename: “SprintTest” the filename will be “SprintTest_00.drc”.

Each time you have paddled at least one stroke and then press “RST” on the dansprint computer, the session number increases. This means that the “SprintTest_00.drc” file will change to “SprintTest_01.drc” and sow on…

If you did not specify a filename when connecting to the dansprint computer or you want to change the specified filename choose save next… in the file menu. Specify the location and name of the file or press cancel to avoid saving the file.

Export data

The recorded data can be used by other applications, by exporting the recorded data. You can export either a recorded file or the graph you are generating online. The graph, you are viewing is the one that is exported.

The export function generates a text file with the following values.

• Stroke count – Number of strokes
• Total dist [meters] – Summed distance
• Speed [KM/H] or [M/S] – Kayak speed
• Stroke dist [meters] – Distance in one stroke (water + air phase)
• Power [watts] – Work / Stroke time (water + air phase)
• Work [joule] – Work in one stroke (water phase)
• Stroke rate [strokes / minute] – Paddle frequency
• Water % (Water section) – Time in water * 100 / stroke time
• Stroke time [seconds] – Time of one stroke (water + air phase)
• Water distance [Meters] – Distance of water phase
• Air time [seconds] – Time in air phase
• Total work [joule] – Summed work
• Paddle time [seconds] – Effective paddle time
• Clock time [seconds] – Continuous paddle time
• Heart rate [strokes / minute] – Heart beats per minute

Speed, power, work, stroke rate and the water % are values from a single stroke. The values shown on the dansprint computer are an average of four strokes.

Remember to specify the separator symbol and decimal symbol in “Options…” under the Settings menu.